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Samantha works out of three locations, CrossFit Funky New Berlin, Fuel Fitness Oak Creek, and Strive Fitness Franklin.

Dr. Samantha is destined to be the Yoda of your healing journey (not just because she is short…). Her goal is to provide everyone with the resources they need to learn about their condition, harness their inner healing power, and become their best version of themselves. Think of it like becoming a Jedi master of squatting, (hey - you squat daily to use the toilet) and squeak out some laughs via her awkward jokes in your PT session. She also loves working with people who have shoulder and low back pain and thinks everyone can be pain free with a little lifestyle modification! The cornerstone of her treatment is listening. When you finally feel heard and understood, then you can “crush it” moving forward!

Dr. Samantha now offers Nutrition Counseling!

One-on-one individualized nutrition counseling focuses on providing you with the tools to help support a healing environment to manage chronic or persistent pain, disease and inflammation.  Dr. Samantha has received a certification in functional nutrition for chronic pain. She can help you use food as medicine to  manage diseases such as metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, auto-immune disease and arthritis. Each nutrition session will provide you with the tools to independently incorporate a healthy, whole foods based diet. She believes that the best diet should actually be a lifestyle that is enjoyable, sustaining, and simple. Nutrition counseling can be coupled with physical therapy sessions, but is not a requirement towards a successful outcome.