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Applying Kinesiotape or Rock Tape (like you see on professional athletes) can help promote optimal movement patterns. This tape has been shown to help improve proper muscle activation, reduce local inflammation, and inhibit dysfunctional, over-active muscles.

We also use Leukotape - a rigid strapping tape for postural correction and realignment. We swear by this stuff! It’s waterproof and will hold you in an optimal position to re-educate your muscles so they know where to hold you so that you move better into the future.

Dry Needling

Sometimes muscles and deep tissues get restricted and irritated. Massage only reaches about a half inch deep, even when applied with an elbow, knees or feet. As a result, you just end up moving  the tissues over the top of the source of symptoms.  

Dry needling is a super effective, far faster and more precise method than any massage you have ever had. The treatment involves inserting an acupuncture-type monofilament needle directly into the deep irritated tissue. You will feel your tissue release within seconds!

Joint Mobilization

Beyond PT can work on your joints too! We have extensive training to safely pop and crack your neck, back and other joints to improve mobility, promote cartilage lubrication for smoother movement, and reduce nervous system pain inputs for better movement.

Sometimes a quick thrust/manipulation/pop is not the best way to go. Your joints may be too irritated for such a quick input. As an alternative, we can gradually and repetitively work the joint in its comfortable range and give more input as the motion improves. It’s like carefully working a rusty hinge, and over time it moves like butter!

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Targeted massage techniques can reduce muscle, tendon, nerve and fascia restrictions and sensitivity. We will target the issue and apply whatever elbow grease or force is necessary to reduce tension and get you moving again.

We are trained in the use of specially designed massage tools and cupping to attack especially stubborn knots, adhesions and gristle to restore normal, pain-free movement.

Please note, this is not a day at the spa!

Therapeutic Exercise & Functional Training

We will prescribe exercises specific to your sport, work, or daily activities to reinforce the work done during your treatment.

If weakness or stiffness is causing unnecessary stress on a joint, we will give you the best exercise(s) to target that muscle or group of muscles to restore optimal movement and performance.

Fab Abs & Beyond Fridays

Small group class with focus on your core, posture and body awareness to maximize your sports performance, work and weekend activities. Exercises are modified to each participant's needs, abilities and to help with any injuries.

Classes are at Cryofit Delafield with Karien Bakker PT. $35 per session or $100 for the series of 4 classes. And bring an exercise mat!

Virtual Visits

We want to know how you are doing in-between our scheduled treatment times. We can schedule text, voice, or online video chat follow-up sessions to keep your recovery in motion.

If you live outside of the Milwaukee area or do not have time for an in-person visit, or you are limiting your in-person contact, we have a safe, private online platform for your convenience and safety.